Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Murua?

Murua is a machine that helps goldsmith to achieve perfect surface finishing with the minimum effort.

2. How does it works?

Murua incorporates the Mechanico-galvanic passive layer process, that has been performing the jewelry industry since some years ago. Basically it can grind and polish from cast to mirror-finishing in one only step, totally automatized.

3. What kind of pieces can it process?

Any Gold alloy piece from 9K to 24K that can pass through a 70mm hole. It can process 3 ring-size pieces simultaneously.

4. Why buy Murua?

Forget about hand finishing of your pieces. Use your time to design while Murua works for you. You can see full benefits list here.

5. Where Murua can be delivered?

Murua has worldwide delivery throught our distributors. Find your nearest distributor here.

Obtain the unlock codes for our machines in a simply way. The Murua App will generate them for you. Just register and fill the forms with the required data and we will send you the unlock codes to your e-mail.

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Gold Recovery

1. Remove the used cathode from inside of the container


2. Clean the used cathode with destilled water and wait some hours to dry the cathode


3. Recover the gold with a scratch procedure

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